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Seed with Faith, grow with Hope, harvest with Love.®

Margaret & David Perry Foundation
David & Margaret Perry

Sharing Fruits

A legacy is when you plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. During their lives, David and Margaret Perry happily enjoyed hours in their garden. The fruits of their labor they shared with others — avocados, limes, tangerines. Today, the Perrys’ legacy of sharing continues. The Margaret & David Perry Foundation supports local nonprofits in the areas of Christian faith, education, health care, animal welfare and the environment.

Foundation Values


The Margaret & David Perry Foundation provides financial support for local, faith-based projects to promote Christian values, growth and education. The Perrys’ faith carried and served them throughout their lives. The foundation wants to discover nonprofits that serve those in need and provide church service projects, Boy Scout troops, scout camps, teen programs, senior services, Christian counseling and mission trips.


The Foundation supports projects designed to create hope and opportunities. These include local educational programs with schools, museums, events, and television and radio programming. The Foundation also believes in creating a positive community connection with the outdoors by keeping our environment healthy for future generations through projects to restore and maintain our local nature trails, waterways, gardens and parks.


These three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:13). The Perrys were dedicated to people and causes they valued. At the root of that was love. The love they had for each other and others made a lasting impression. The Margaret & David Perry Foundation supports that love and caring for others through local nonprofits providing health care services to those in need and animal welfare, such as rescue and foster programs.  

David and Margaret Perry walk in downtown St. Petersburg with their daughter in 1956.

Organizations Seeded by the Foundation

First Baptist Church
SPCA Tampa Bay
Boy Scouts of America
Tampa Bay Watch
Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Free Clinic