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Seed with Faith, grow with Hope, harvest with Love.®

Foundation Mission

The Margaret & David Perry Foundation was established to maintain the legacy, faith and dedication to the community of David and Margaret Perry. The Foundation continues the Perrys’ service and philanthropy and supports local nonprofits in the areas of Christian faith, education, health care, animal welfare and the environment. Grant applications are accepted by invitation.

About the Perrys

Relaxing for them often meant time outdoors, in the sunshine, in their garden. Family and friends recall them digging in the dirt, planting, picking fruit off their trees and sharing their harvest with others. Their love and laughter left a lasting legacy. The Perrys had a daughter, Lynn, and a son, Brian. Loving and devoted parents, you could find them volunteering with the Cub Scouts and welcoming other children into their home, treating them as their own.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”Robert Louis Stevenson

David Perry

David Perry

Mr. Perry was known for his gentle nature, intelligence and humor. He devoted himself to his faith, family and community. Born in 1926, he enjoyed being in nature; as a boy, he hiked the woods of south St. Petersburg with his grandfather.

As a teenager and on breaks from college, he worked at “The World’s Most Unusual Drug Store” owned by Doc Webb, where he soon found himself working in the pharmacy. He would go on to own his own pharmacy, and throughout his career, he showed kindness to those in need. Mr. Perry built a business, The Prescription Shop, that thrived for 70 years.

Margaret Perry

Mrs. Perry had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile and laugh. She was dedicated to her faith and family. She also taught tennis and tirelessly taught children water safety and how to swim.

Mrs. Perry was the first to be graduated with high honors from what is now known as the University of Florida College of Health and Human Performance. (The college was established to unlock “human potential through advancing research and enhancing quality of life. Through a broader base and a fuller understanding of the human condition, UF is promoting health, preventing disease, and pushing for greater understanding for a greater world.”)

Strong and kind, Mrs. Perry had a reputation for being a best friend to people and a good listener. An avid volunteer at church, you could find her teaching Sunday school or coordinating a senior fitness program. She also had a reputation for baking, and her pies were legendary. Throughout her life, she was an advocate and caretaker of animals, with dogs and birds being her favorite pets.

Margaret Perry